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I am Lynne and Live Fat and Fit is my passion! So happy to meet you. I hope you are comfortable here and will return to read and learn often.

My goal at Live Fat and Fit, is to guide you towards increased health and fitness, and help us all make the important mind-body connection. The health of our body, contributes to the health of our mind.

In the pages of, I search for and teach ways to improve self-confidence, health and well-being. In a WORLD that is so FAT-phobic, I understand that EVERYONE can take care of their body. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance. My proactive and practical fitness information is for EVERY BODY. This blog is for you and your health.


My story is pretty long and contains many ups and downs. It begins, when I was caught on the family’s first and only video camera waddling around, I was an adorable little tyke. My uncles said “fat” was in our Maltese genes! I fought the fat for many years, through tears and diets and more than one career.

As a nurse, my education made me more aware of my body and my health. As a trainer, I taught group fitness classes and trained people personally. This helped me zero in on how others felt about their bodies.

Fast forward to 2020 and you find me here, keeping myself on the very same journey and looking for ways to help you on yours. My Years of Living Fat and Fit, will give you more in depth information about me.

We all have good days and bad, successes and failures, hopes and dreams. It is not for me to choose your path, but I can help you along the way with honest, truthful and practical ways to move towards improved health, fitness and well-being.

Lynne and Live Fat and Fit are here for reference purposes only. I strive to give you the best information and guidance I can, but as I do not know your specific health and wellness information, please always work with your Primary Care Provider. Please reach out with specific questions or if you need help. We all need a little help every now and then!