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Lynne and

Lynne and

It is my soul’s goal to help increase the contentment, health, wellness and spirit of us all! I use the words soul’s goal because I really feel this is my calling in life.

Here in the pages of I am in search of ways to improve self-confidence, health and well-being. In a world that is so fat phobic, we need to understand that EVERYONE can take care of their body, EVERYONE. By doing so, we all get to live our best lives.

This is a contemplative and biographical journey. It is also a PERSONAL journey! I am very much on this journey NOW in my life.

My story is pretty long and contains many ups and downs. It begins when I was caught on the family’s first and only video camera waddling around, I was a chubby wee thing. An adorable little tyke. My uncles said “fat” was in our Maltese genes! I fought the fat for many, many years, through tears and diets and more than one career.

As a nurse my education made me more aware of my body and health. As a trainer I taught exercise classes and trained people personally, which helped my zero in on how others felt about their bodies.

Fast forward to 2020 and you find me here, keeping myself on the very same journey and looking for ways to help you on yours.

We all need help at times. The only way I can help you specifically is if you reach out to me. I am happy to help. Reach out to me with specific issues or topics I can help YOU with.


Lynne Vella
Me, Oct 2020.